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Upper Body Strength Program


Upper body strength is extremely important for equestrians, but can oftentimes be overlooked. Having strong back, shoulder, and arm muscles are vital for correct position in the saddle and can fix many common postural problems. This program is particularly beneficial for equestrians who ride “hotter” horses. A strong upper body will give you confidence in your ability to keep control of a strong horse if needed. The only equipment required for this program is a set of dumbbells.

Each program contains 2 full workout routines and are circuit style to get your heart rate up as well. The 2 workouts are meant to be completed on different days, but if you wish to do a longer upper body workout you could do both workouts back to back. This program is also great to supplement any of our other programs like the Equitation Bootcamp or to mix into your daily workouts.

This program was created by a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. Please email us if you have any questions about the program at

This guide is in PDF form and will be available for download after purchase. If you experience errors downloading the PDF on your mobile device, you can access the guide through your order confirmation email on a desktop and then send yourself the documents for use on a mobile device. Make sure to save the document as the download link may expire. 

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