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Equitation Bootcamp Program


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Whether you are preparing for an equitation final or just want to improve your overall position and strength, this is the program for you. The Equitation Bootcamp Program is great for riders of all disciplines, as having proper equitation is vital for correct riding and communication with your horse. 

Like all of our programs, every exercise is specifically tailored to equestrians. Not only do we tell you what to do, but we explain why. This program outlines why certain exercises are beneficial to equestrians and how to fix common issues like pinching with the knee, hunched over shoulders, and a swinging lower leg.

This 35 page program can be done completely at home (or the barn). All you will need is a set of dumbbells and a resistance band. The Equitation Bootcamp Program contains core, leg, and upper body strength workouts as well as cardio, flexibility training, and some bonus flat exercises to practice in the saddle. Photo instructions and descriptions are provided for every exercise in the program. 

The Equitation Bootcamp Program was created by a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. Please email us if you have any questions about the program at 

This program is in PDF form and will be available for download after purchase. If you experience errors downloading the PDF on your mobile device, you can access the guide through your order confirmation email on a desktop and then send yourself the documents for use on a mobile device. Make sure to save the document as the download link may expire. 

Not sure which of our programs is best for you? Check out this handy chart or email us at info@thefitequestrian.

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I have been using the bootcamp for a few months now and I can see the difference it has made in my position. It has also allowed me to further pursue proper biomechanics by strengthening the right muscles. It's worth it!

Sarah Steele

Worth the money!

I love the eq bootcamp! not only does it help with your strength in and out of the saddle, but it also helps your overall position! i went from looking like a wet noddle, to looking like a posture queen!