Bootcamp + Grocery Guide Bundle


Our two most essential programs, the Equitation Bootcamp Program and the Grocery Guide, bundled together at a discounted price.

The Equitation Bootcamp Program is a TFE staple. This program contains core, leg, and upper body strength workouts in addition to cardio recommendations, a flexibility routine, and flatwork exercises to try in the saddle. Best of all, the Bootcamp is tailored to the needs of the equestrian athlete by targeting common issues such as pinching with the knee, hunched shoulders, and a swinging lower leg. Read more about the Equitation Bootcamp Program HERE.

The Grocery Guide will give you the necessary tools to create and maintain a healthy diet that works for you. Our equestrian-friendly guide will show you how to plan your meals, create a list, shop, and meal prep. Also included is a basic list of pantry staples, a sample meal plan, some of our favorite recipes, examples of how to make adjustments for different dietary restrictions, and a printable grocery list template. Read more about the Grocery Guide HERE.