What I Eat in a Day

What I Eat in a Day

What I eat each day varies from day to day because I don’t follow a meal plan. I love trying new food but, I usually follows the same guidelines. I don’t make myself eat specific foods each day but I do require myself to have enough different nutrients: healthy fats, lean proteins, natural sugars, healthy carbohydrates and necessary minerals.


During the school week I only have about 10-20 minutes to make breakfast (even with waking up waay too early) so I plan on making quick and easy breakfast foods,making sure they are nutrient packed so I am full for a few hours. On the weekends I have very long days at the barn, competing, or working out so I make sure I have a bigger breakfast that will last me through most of my activities. I love trying new foods, especially when my stepmom, (who is a chef) creates new recipes. Sometimes my breakfast include new additions, but for the most part it stays the same.

Breakfast #1

Low-sugar high-protein plain yogurt with fruit and nuts, sometimes oats for texture. This is a perfect example of a nutrient dense breakfast incorporating all necessary nutrients to start the day right!

Breakfast #2

No sugar-added protein packed oatmeal with fruit and a nut butter (for healthy fat). This is a great example of a nutrient dense breakfast because the oats are a low-glycemic index complex carbohydrate. This provides great fuel as opposed to other refined grains. The fruit fulfills that morning craving for sweets and the nut butter provides a source of healthy fat that's necessary for a balanced diet. Sometimes I add low-sugar high-protein plain yogurt on top of the oatmeal to add a creamy dessert aspect to the meal.

 Breakfast #3

Multigrain bread toast with a form of nut butter and fruit on top. The toast is a complex carbohydrate that will provide fuel but will last longer than refined carbohydrates like white bread and will add fiber to your diet.

Breakfast #4

Looking for a more savory way to go? Somedays I wake up and I really just want some good savory food that will fill me up. Toast with eggs, arugula/spinach, and/or grilled vegetables is the way to go! I love adding a little paprika, cayenne or hot sauce on top just to add a little kick ;)

Breakfast #5

This next breakfast feature is a spin off of a beloved classic: the PB&J. Except, mine includes multigrain bread, unsweetened/unsalted peanut butter, seeds (flaxseed or chia seeds or a blend) or oats, with berries as a substitute for the jelly. I have been finding that I am finding the store bought jelly/jam really unfavorable and too sweet for my taste pallet now. Raspberries, blueberries or bananas are perfect and give a flavor punch! I tend to just use one piece of bread and cut it in half so I eat half the carbs but eat the same quantity of deliciousness inside, except if I plan on during a long run or a long day at the barn I use an additional slice of bread because I need the carbohydrate calories to burn off in my exercise.

Breakfast #6

Sometimes I have those weeks at school when I know I will be doing hours of cramming of work each night and I know I will be dead in the morning so I usually bake something sunday that will last me mostly through that next week for breakfast. The recipes vary because each time I make something I alter it in some way to try and improve it. I will post all the recipes on my instagram account @inthetack_onthetrack !!


During the week I eat lunch at school in my cafeteria. I usually go to the salad bar, make a pile of the darkest greens I find and put a medley of peppers, cucumbers, onion, carrot and a protein source of either beans or chickpeas and put some red vinegar on top. Sometimes when I don’t eat much breakfast I get half a sandwich and veggies on the side. My sandwich usually consists of one slice of multigrain bread cut in half with either: #1 lettuce, tomato, swiss cheese and avocado or #2 tuna sandwich with lettuce. I’m pescatarian so I don’t get any of the deli meats but I used to get turkey, swiss cheese, tomato and avocado and it was good! During the weekend I either don’t have lunch because I’m at my barn or at a horseshow or I have a medley of leftovers I find in my fridge. I’m one of those people that LOVES leftovers (if they’re good) because there is minimal preparation but the food tastes great!


Dinner is my favorite, well it’s the runner up with breakfast for sure! I always look forward to coming home to a soothing bowl of mouthwatering soup, a big exciting pile of veggies or even a medley of delicious new recipes my stepmom creates.
My dinners always incorporates a variety of vegetables and a source of protein. Because I am a pescatarian my diet consists of mostly vegetables so all my lunch and dinner recipes incorporate mostly vegetables. Dark greens like kale, arugula and spinach are great for salads but also a base in any recipe, they add a lot of great texture and its an easy way to eat healthy greens. It’s important to have a source of protein in each meal, I usually eat beans or chickpeas, or seafood like mussels or salmon because they contain a high source of omega-3s.
If I’m in a pasta mood I either eat red lentil pasta or chickpea pasta because they are a fantastic source of protein. It’s practically a different food group I love it so much! The pasta contains a good source of healthy carbs which gives me a good source of energy, and it keeps me filled up because its protein packed.
Hopefully this blog has given you some inspiration and great meal ideas! If you are new to a healthy diet and need some guidance The Fit Equestrian has a FREE Jump Start to Healthy Eating Guide that will help push you in the right direction.
- TFE Ambassador Martha Wyatt-Luth
Instagram: @mwl.equestrian @inthetack_onthetrack

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