Sheridan's Day in the Life

Sheridan's Day in the Life

A classic day in the life for me consists of school, riding, club meetings, homework, and chores around the house. I’m sure we can all agree that sometimes life can get busy and we can get a little burnt out at times. I try to stick to a routine that balances all the many things I need to accomplish in a day. Of course each day is different and can’t be perfect, but hopefully reading this can help give you ideas on how to balance your busy life as well!

Morning Time:

In the morning I usually wake up around 6:30 so I have plenty of time to get ready before school. Getting up early is hard for a lot of people, but for me personally I feel better with more time in the mornings. I do the usual scroll on the phone and then go over in my head the game plan for the day. Making a plan for the day has helped me become excited for what’s to come. It’s so important to think positively in the mornings so you can start on the right track. After I get out of bed, I will get ready which consists of me washing my face, brushing my teeth, doing the minimal makeup, and putting my outfit on for the day. I then go to the kitchen pack my lunch, grab a quick breakfast on the go and coffee. I am definitely a coffee drinker in the mornings! To make my mornings run smoother, I will make a lunch at night because that can take a lot of time in the mornings. I then drive to school and listen to some music in the car that is cheerful and motivates me to make it a good day!

School Time:

My school day is from 8:20-1:30. This may seem short to some people, but I thankfully get out early for riding. My school is on block schedule which has it’s pros and cons, but I have grown to like it. I try to get as much work as I can done during school hours so it doesn’t interfere with my riding time. I’m a junior in highschool, and have found this to be the most stressful year of all with college searching, AP classes, SAT prep etc. To be honest, sometimes I put riding before school because that is what I care about most. I still struggle balancing school with all the horse shows and hours at the barn, but one thing that has helped me with all the stress is being mindful of what work I will have to get done throughout the school week so i can try to complete those tasks as early as possible. For example, if I have a huge test or project due at the end of the week I try to get it done on my off days from riding which is Sundays and Mondays. Getting things done early has helped me in school make better grades and feel less rushed. When school gets out I will either stay and eat lunch with my friends or go get lunch before I head to the barn. My lunch varies day to day depending on what I’m craving but I try to eat a well balanced meal before I go ride. One of my favorites I make is a turkey, avocado, tortilla wrap with a side of some kind of fruit and pretzels. This will usually keep me full and energized for a couple of hours. After lunch, I’m off to the barn!

Barn Time:

Almost everyday after school I ride, but on my two off days I will workout to help keep me fit for riding. (If you are looking for a good workout program to benefit your riding checkout all TFE Fitness Programs on the website!) I arrive at the barn around 2:00-2:30. When I get to there I check the board to see what horses/ponies they have me down for the day. I usually have 3-4 to ride, and I’ll first start with a lesson on my horse and then the others. During the weeks I have a private or semi-private lesson which has really benefited my riding. We usually do a lot of flatwork with and without stirrups practicing certain tests they would ask in equitation classes because that is what my horse and I compete in. We also work on asking my horse for a frame and then letting him stretch. When I jump I usually do some simple hunter courses and challenging equitation courses. It just depends on the day. My trainers will ask me to jump with one hand or without stirrups to help strengthen my legs and core. Everyone has their own set of habits so what your trainers work on with you could be totally different. After I complete my lesson I untack and groom my horse which is something I look forward to every time I ride because my horse loves attention! Then I ride the ponies which is always so much fun! My trainers will sometimes have me jump or flat them depending on what each of them needs. I love riding the ponies because they are all so cute, and it gives me more practice in the saddle. Between riding I will talk with my friends at the barn because I love my barn family. I usually get done at the barn pretty late around 6:00-6:30, but any day at the barn is never wasted!

Night Time:

When I get home I try to walk my dogs if I have time or will play with them in the backyard. If not, I go straight into homework. As soon as that is done, I eat dinner. My mom or my dad will usually cook dinner. Some of my favorite dinners is any kind of pasta or chicken, rice, and veggies. Again, not every night is the same. I then pack my barn bag, lunch and school bag for the next day. I will take a shower, wash my face, brush my teeth etc., and pick out a outfit for the next day. By this point I’m usually exhausted and will go straight to bed.

This is usually what a day in the life sums up to be for me. I hope through reading this you can get ideas on how to prioritize your activities throughout your day. I always enjoy hearing other people’s day in the life and see how everyone is different. Remember to stay positive at whatever challenges in a day you will face!


TFE Ambassador Sheridan O'Shaughnessy

Junior Rider, Zone 7, USA

IG: @eq.sheridan


  • Sarah Steele said:

    In the forth picture down, what is the pony to the rights name? It looks oddly like my friends pony lol

    April 26, 2019

  • Isabeli said:

    OMG I LOVE THIS! Pls make more day in the life and routines

    February 18, 2019

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