New Year, New Me

New Year, New Me

TFE Ambassador Sheridan O'Shaughnessy (@eq.sheridan) shares her advice on how to keep up with your goals in the new year.

It’s that time of year again where everyone can have a fresh start, and make goals for themselves. Personally, I think setting purpose for the New Year creates a drive to be successful. Sometimes throughout the year resolutions can be forgotten. Here are a couple ways I keep up with my goals Through the year.

Make a Poster

I like to make a poster with pictures from the internet or magazines that remind me of my goals. I hang it in my room and it reminds me throughout the year to keep track with my goals. By doing this, I don’t forget my ambitions throughout the next 365 days. I have been doing this for the past two years, and this has helped me reach almost all my goals. I believe a poster is a fun DIY that will help make your year filled with determination, and aspiration.

Make a Video

Another idea to help you keep up with your goals is making a video about your dreams for the new year. You can do this in different ways.  This includes making an edit of various video clips that symbolize your targets or even a video of yourself speaking about your resolutions.. I like to make videos of myself speaking about my goals because I feel it is a promise to my future self that I will achieve my dreams. Throughout the year we are bound to have “rough” days. When these days creep up, just watch your video to inspire you to get through the hard times and stay determined. I love making these videos to reflect on all I have accomplished during the year. These videos will keep you intact, and the objective to reach all your goals.

Stay Organized

Staying organized will help you with long-term and short-term goals. People who are successful are usually very organized. I go through points in my life where I feel I am cluttered and scattered. I have prevented feeling like this by keeping a planner. A planner helps me record dates to remember and keep up with my school work. Planners can also help with goals. Set a date in your planner you want to reach a certain goal by. Even if the goal is far off, you will surprise yourself with what you can get done with the right attitude. Keeping your thoughts organized helps you think realistically on your dreams, and get things done.

Check in With Reality

This seems to be the most important tip. Having dreams is great, but if they are not possible to reach it can bring disappointment. Whether your goals are physical or mental, it is crucial to assure they are obtainable. The way I make sure my goals are realistic is asking myself if they will benefit me and make me happy. People make goals to change themselves based on what others think. Setting goals upon what others think will never bring you happiness. Set goals that are possible and a benefit to yourself.


By following these tips you are sure to have a year filled with progress and self fulfillment. I personally found these ideas to be very useful for chasing my dreams and aspirations. Throughout the year remember to do everything with confidence. Your year will be amazing.

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