Healthy Snacking at Horse Shows

Healthy Snacking at Horse Shows

Avoiding junk food at horse shows is quite easy, as long as you plan ahead and bring healthy snacks. At horse shows, the dressing room at my barn’s set-up is always filled with tons of “junk” food, including candy, chips, ice cream, and baked goods. We have m&m’s, skittles, jolly ranchers, jelly beans, kit kats, starburst, red licorice, and safeway or costco chocolate chip cookies. When you walk in, it looks like a candy store. For me, especially after a bad round, all I want is a big bag of candy, but I know I need whole foods and protein to ride better. Candy, once in awhile, isn’t bad - but in the summer when I have a horse show almost every weekend I have to be especially careful.

I always start my day with a good breakfast. Anything with eggs, like a breakfast sandwich or breakfast burrito is good, although I usually do an egg bowl with egg, cheese, avocado, and sausage. Another one of my favorite breakfasts is avocado toast. I like to make mine with lemon and pink himalayan sea salt on sprouted whole grain toast. At the show, one of my favorite snacks is a clementine, because they are so refreshing when it’s hot and you’re tired. String cheese, almonds, trail mix, popcorn, or protein balls (my favorite recipe is below) are also great choices. There are lots of recipes online for great tasting no-bake protein balls that are easy to make before you go to a show and keep with you for when you need a snack. Another snack I love are RX bars. They are healthy and have a lot of protein, but still taste amazing. There are a ton of other healthy snacks but these are a few of my favorites.

It can be hard at shows to avoid the junk food, especially when all your friends are indulging, but having protein filled snacks with you makes it easier and gives you more energy for a long horse show day!

-The Fit Equestrian Ambassador Sophia Silveira

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