Budget Friendly Grocery Shopping at Horse Shows

Budget Friendly Grocery Shopping at Horse Shows

If you’re staying at a horseshow for an extended period of time, such as at WEF, Ocala, or Tryon, you’ll likely need to go grocery shopping.

While going to the grocery store by yourself as a teenager can seem like a big endeavor it is far less expensive than buying meals, even if it costs more upfront. I usually spend a couple of weeks at a time in Wellington and am in charge of my own grocery shopping. Since I need to buy groceries, but still want to go out a few times a week, keeping my shopping budget friendly is a must.

Here are some tricks I learned to keep a week’s worth of groceries at a reasonable cost: 

  • The key to budget-friendly grocery shopping is planning ahead. At the beginning of the week, think about what meals you want that week, what snacks you need, ect. Planning ahead allows you to map out the cost and look for what’s on sale ahead of time. 

The Fit Equestrian's Grocery Guide comes with a printable grocery list template!

  • Take stock of what you have before going to the store. There are a few kitchen staples that we always have in the house such as peanut butter, pasta, frozen vegetables, and frozen chicken. Thinking of the various ways you can use ingredients you already have is a great way to keep costs down.


  • Buy items that can make more than one meal. For example, a package of four veggie burgers costs the same amount as a single pre-packaged salad bowl or frozen meal. 

  • Choose items that are “flexible” or can be used in multiple meals. While a tub of hummus may not be the cheapest item on your list, it can be used as a snack, salad topping, or sandwich topping. Instead of buying different items to fill every individual needs, opt for items that can cross-over. 


  • You don’t have to sacrifice healthy for cost-effectiveness. While fresh veggies are undoubtedly the best, canned chickpeas, corn, black beans, and olives are still great vegetables and are very versatile in their uses. These items will also last way longer than fresh vegetables, so you don’t have to worry if you don’t use them right away. 


    By keeping these things in mind, it is easy to get a week’s worth of groceries $50 or less. Saving on groceries is a great way to save money while at horse shows and can allow you to truly enjoy going out with friends!


    TFE Ambassador Anna Richardson

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