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Our mission is to provide exercise and nutrition guidance for equestrian athletes to help release their full potential in the saddle and inspire a healthy + happy lifestyle. We believe in cross-training and eating whole foods, but we also believe in balance and eating dessert.

Press coverage
"The Fit Equestrian’s Equitation Bootcamp is an easy, affordable way to up your strength, flexibility and overall wellness, whether you’re preparing for your last shows of the season, or just looking to improve your general position and strength."
The Fit Equestrian’s Equitation Bootcamp: Can This Easy Workout Plan Actually Complement Your Riding?
The Plaid Horse
"I firmly believe that The Fit Equestrian will grow as an information resource for our community and solidify that equestrians are athletes and need to implement this philosophy as an everyday lifestyle."
"Trust Me, It's a Sport": The Fit Equestrian LLC
Street to Stable
"Founded in 2017, TFE has morphed from a college student's side gig to a full-blown niche business"
Greenwich High Grad Lauren Mahr Launches Equestrian Business
Greenwich Patch
"Whether you are preparing for an equitation finals or just want to improve your overall position and strength, this is the program for you."
Tips & Tricks For You, The Equestrian
Northeast Equestrian Life
"It’s a workout program designed by riders for riders. It’s specifically meant to help improve your fitness and overall equitation."
New Year New EQ
Westphalian Dreamer
"I often get intimated by creating a workout routine because I have such a shortage of time....I like how this calendar helps to organize an easy routine."
How to manage your weekly workout as an equestrian...The Fit Equestrian has a simple and easy to follow calendar.
Life Equestrian
"One incredible thing about this program is how quickly you’re able to feel the results. Within 2-3 days I immediately felt stronger in the saddle, I didn’t get as tired as quickly, and even my boss saw an improvement in my riding abilities."
TFE: The Equitation Bootcamp Program
The Road to Pro
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